Software Products can vary considerably in terms of application, complexity and cost and this can be reflected admirably by the wide range of Software box options that Rombus has to offer.

A firm favourite with many companies is the tried and trusted Litho laminated, Fefco 0427  “ Pizza style” hinged lid box, which offers the flexibility  to house contents in Corrugated, Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), or soft cell and High density foam fittings. This type of material is also well suited for adding a carry handle for the larger or heavier bundle sizes and has excellent robustness for protection when despatching via couriers or the Royal mail.

As Software products increase in complexity and value the preferred packaging route begins to migrate more towards Rigid Boxes with high density foam fittings. These are often fitted with hidden magnetic closures for a crisp finish and very high quality feel.

For the ultimate in offering Hi-tech Software packaging solutions a further step up the ladder is our Alpo-lyte – Aluminium and Polypropylene composite – metal box options. This material can be Silk screen or printed by the Dye sublimation process and will take a really deep emboss. Add a hidden magnetic closure and a high density foam fitting and this style of packaging will really set you apart.