Promotional Product Packaging

We all appreciate the need for our Product packaging to be visually appealing and stand out above the competition but it should never be forgotten that the primary function of all Product packaging is to protect the product itself so as to ensure its safe delivery to the end user.

Very careful consideration must therefore be given to a number of factors such as: Type of Product; its size and weight; whether single or multiple components; How and where the product is to be sold; What is the method of Distribution i.e Internet sales, Business to Business, Retail or Wholesale.

All these factors will influence how the product will be packaged and how it is to be protected. With a range of quality and custom options for you to choose from, here at Rombus we will be happy to assist in guiding you through the whole process.

Product packaging design

From design and research to development and production, our expert team of designers and manufacturers are on hand to create the best quality product packaging solutions to meet your specific design requirements within your budget. Featuring a range of custom design services, we can tailor our product packaging design ideas to help your brand stand out from the competition and to enhance your product packaging in terms of both form and function.

When it comes to experience and knowledge, our combined expertise at Rombus is second to none and you should look no further than our personalised, friendly and dedicated service for your luxury product packaging. Ready to support your brand every step of the way, contact our team today to discuss our unique product packaging options and get you started with your new product packaging project.