Polypropylene material provides an excellent form for transparent packaging. It is very durable and has strong product protection qualities. It is available in clear, frosted or a multitude

of colours and is suitable for litho or silk screen printing.

It is a very versatile material which can be used for presenting products in a number of ways including Boxes, Pillow packs, Hanging packs, Gift packs, Folders and Wallets as well as Trays, Lids and bases. For certain applications it can be combined with other features such as carry handles and attractive closures in order to enhance the user experience


These combinations make it an ideal packaging option for Press packs, Conference packs, Hospitality kits, Presentation packs and general Binders and Wallets.

Whilst polypropylene tends to lead the way in this arena we also offer a variety of other materials including PVC, PET and APET.

Polypropylene Packaging Material

If Polypropylene is an option you may not have considered before then let us know and we will be happy to provide you with