Litho Lamination combines the strength and resilience associated with corrugated boxes with the high quality finish you’d get from offset litho printing. Through the use of litho lamination, we can produce structurally strong and aesthetically pleasing corrugated boxes and packaging that are suitable for a wide range of applications.
The variety in grades and strengths of materials available for use in corrugated boxes, combined with the number of flexible printing and finishing options applicable, place litho lamination amongst our most favoured offerings in providing a most suitable packaging solution time after time.

The constructional properties of corrugated material enable the provision of a wide range of packaging options. The most common are: pizza style corrugated boxes, slip case and trays, tuck in top with crash lock or envelope base cartons.

Such flexibility renders litho lamination suitable for a wide variety of purposes, including product packaging, product launch packs, plus corrugated boxes for promotional, presentation and gift packaging as well as prolific use within the retail sector.

The strength of the material used in our corrugated boxes and packaging material is determined by the size of fluting (we utilize F to C grades) separating the inner liner and the outer printed art paper. The outer printed sheet can be converted in exactly the same way as sheets used for rigid board production allowing multi colour print, film lamination, spot varnishes and foil blocking. However the breadth and depth of converting machinery options available means that litho lamination can be very cost effective in any volume. The differing strength characteristics that arise from this method of corrugated box construction also make this material suitable for both heavy and light weight products. For the former, plastic carry handles can be easily incorporated into the corrugated boxes making them suitable for carrying away at the point of sale.

Litho Lamination

We’ll help you to select the appropriate grade of fluting for the litho lamination process which, when matched with our high quality print and finishing processes, will enable us to offer you a custom packaging solution tailored to your individual requirements.