As well as providing bespoke packaging we also offer a range of other retail packaging solutions such as:

Be inspired

We design, manufacture and offer innovative, unique and versatile packaging concepts that bring high value to the presentation of a wide range of materials. Find new inspiration on our website – see our fantastic custom packaging solutions for products, presentations, press packs and more.

Choose from a wide variety of high-quality print finishes and packaging design options and find the perfect bespoke packaging solutions, whether it’s for large-run retail lines or small-volume promotional items – we can cater to all of your packaging needs.

Get it right every time

With a wealth of experience and professional production, we specialise in providing a bespoke service for a variety of applications and budgets for our clients – you name it, we’ll find a solution that works. Manufacturing and printing all of our custom packaging in-house, you can rely on Rombus for the best service and end to end control to ensure quality throughout the whole process.

Create something special and unique for your brand. Find out more about our great range of bespoke packaging and receive the helpful, friendly advice you need right here at Rombus. Contact our team today – we’ll be happy to help!