Marketing Packaging Solutions

Marketing collateral plays a vital role in setting the right company image and establishing a credible and recognisable brand identity with your clients. We understand the importance or your brand image and will go above and beyond to deliver the best service to you and your business when it comes to your new marketing packaging. With quality checks at every step of the process, you will find innovation in the materials, printing and quality finishing techniques that will add value to your products.

Bespoke packaging boxes

Rombus has a wealth of experience and ideas for marketing your product or service and we can offer a range of innovative and exciting marketing packaging for any mailing products you might require or provide you with Company Information packs, Welcome Packs, Conference Packs, Presentation Folders, Important document Proposal Folders, Product Sample Packs or Marketing Collateral packs to name but a few custom packaging options.

Priding our own business strategy on quality support and innovative marketing packaging solutions, our team of experts are ready to help you with the whole process from design and research to development and production. We would relish the opportunity to work with your business to find the best solution that would be appropriate and specific to your branding requirements.

Whether you already know exactly what business packaging you require, you have an idea, or you’re not sure where to start and require some expert advice, let Rombus guide you through our bespoke packaging service. Please get in touch with us today to talk through your project and business requirements.