Of all the packaging materials available globally today no other substrate comes close to offering as extensive a range, quality and number of finishes as Folding Box Board. From 100% virgin pulp to 100% re-cycled material, from coated and uncoated stock to Kraft, white or even metallic foil lined finishes.

With such a vast range to choose from Folding Box Board offers great versatility and can be adapted for a wide range of custom packaging solutions. These include Toiletries and Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Chocolate and Confectionery, Food and Drink through to Games, Toys and Photography to name but a few.

Folding Box Board has excellent conversion qualities (derived from its inherent stiffness) and is good for folding, scoring and accurate alignment when gluing, making it an ideal choice for large volume, high speed automated packing lines. But with such a wealth of materials and a huge number of off the shelf stockist to call on, Folding Box Board is cost effective in any volume.

Used extensively within the retail sector folding box board is an ideal substrate for high impact packaging. This is achieved through the application of high quality multi colour printing, film lamination, Foil blocking, Embossing and even window patching enabling you to maximize your product showcase to the full.

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