Retail Packaging Solutions

According to some Consumer Research Institutes, a business has about one second to grab your customers’ attention at the Point of sale on the retail shelf within store. It is therefore vitally important to attract the attention of your target market by means of visually appealing design and quality retail display packaging – both structurally and graphically.

The retail industry is incredibly competitive so to ensure that your business image is reflected in the design and execution of your retail packaging, you will need to invest in custom retail packaging that makes your product special from the rest. Get ahead of your competition with luxury boxes that will really help to enhance your products or service and give the customer a purchasing experience they won’t forget.

Custom retail packaging boxes

Careful consideration must be given to ensure that your company message and important information, all key elements to the customer decision making process are clearly visible in order for that customer to be able to make an informed and quick decision.

Here at Rombus we offer a whole range of bespoke packaging options including soap packaging boxes, makeup packaging, perfume packaging, high end cosmetic packaging, ecommerce packaging and much more.

With our professional experience and dedicated service, we can assist you in the design and development of retail packaging that is relevant and fit for purpose. As well as standard carton packaging we can provide additional Counter Display units (CDU’s) to distribute and display your product on the retail shelf.

Whether you already know exactly what retail packaging boxes you require or you’re not sure where to start and need to discuss your project ideas through with our expert team, please do get in touch as we pride our top services on innovation, flexibility and practicality and would love to hear from you.