CD & DVD Packaging


One of Rombus Packagings’ many custom packaging solutions includes high-quality CD & DVD Packaging, serving as an ideal packaging design for software packaging and product packaging. Our bespoke packaging solutions are provided with an exceptional level of service for the provision of both our standard range of media packaging as well as our customised and bespoke solutions. 


CD & DVD Packaging Suppliers


Our expert design team allows us to create the perfect packaging boxes that are tailor made to your personal packaging design brief, one that we can comprehensively discuss with you to create the perfect custom packaging solution for you. 


Included in our custom design process is the free Full Media Services, which includes CD/DVD printing, replication and duplication plus USB and Flash memory duplication. Regardless of whether you’re seeking a custom packaging solution or you wish to pursue conventional packaging options, this same level of service will be applied.


As CD & DVD Packaging suppliers, we’re accustomed to creating large quantities of packaging, each created to an exceptional level of quality. Thanks to this, regardless of quantity, each CD & DVD Packaging will serve as a custom product that showcases your packaging design, product and brand clearly and effectively. 


Diverse Choices for Custom CD & DVD Packaging


Our CD & DVD Packaging options cover a huge choice of standard or custom packaging solutions to meet your packaging requirements. These high-quality product packaging options range from:


  • Basic PVC wallets
  • Traditional CD & DVD jewel cases with printed inserts
  • Printed cardboard wallets 
  • Digi-packs
  • Plastic clam shells 
  • Off-the-shelf tins 


Each and every packaging solution can be designed to custom sizes and boast an incredibly reliable high-quality. Should you require more elaborate presentation packaging then we can offer bespoke solutions in Folding Box board, Rigid board or even metal; all with the option of high-quality routed foam inserts in which to nestle your CD’s/DVD or alternative media offering.


To take things to a different level, Rombus Packaging also offers innovative packaging alternatives such as our ingenious Dual Extender pack; a slim pack construction with a push me, pull me mechanism. This high-quality custom packaging is designed in a manner that pulling a thumb tag panel in one direction simultaneously pushes out a secondary drawer in the opposite direction. This custom product can be designed in custom sizes and tailored exactly to your packaging requirements, making it ideal for housing CD’s, SIM/SD cards, Gift cards or slim electronic products.

Professional CD & DVD Packaging Supplier

Rombus Packaging boasts over 30 years of experience providing packaging solutions that fit a wealth of business needs, ranging from reliable retail packaging to luxury packaging for gifts. Whatever custom size CD & DVD Packaging requirements you have, get in touch with us and request a quote to see how our packaging solutions can aid your business.


CD & DVD Packaging may be considered fairly conventional, but with our bespoke packaging options, Rombus Packaging can offer a selection that varies considerably in terms of application and complexity. These custom products can be designed to adhere to your budget and the quantity that you require, yet the high-quality of your CD & DVD Packaging will always be consistently reliable. Our custom packaging boxes are a great flexible option for your design project and we strive to work closely with you so that your custom packaging solution comes out perfectly for your packaging requirements. 


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Rombus Packaging’s expert team always utilises the vast wealth of experience it possesses when designing your custom packaging, serving as packaging manufacturers that you can trust. Our professional team will always be on hand to guide you through every step of your product packaging project, from the prototype packaging stages all the way to your bespoke packaging arriving at your business. 


Contact us today to discuss your new project requirements and request a quote for our custom boxes.