For smaller runs (up to 1000) we would recommend the duplication process for all you CD-R and DVD-R requirements. This process involves the burning of data onto recordable CD-R/DVD-R media.

A number of production options are available to you using this method. Blank Media (supplied as silver coated or white printable) can be on body printed with your required graphics and duplicated by Rombus. Alternatively you may prefer to receive your disks printed but unburned, allowing you to copy the content on yourself within your own facility. This would enable you to benefit from the economies of scale by purchasing a higher number of printed disks as well as enabling Rombus to print the media using high quality printing methods, adding perceived value to your product. Importantly, it can also mean that you will have media on sight at any time allowing you the flexibility to respond instantly to your clients needs.

Printing options available for CD-R/DVD-R

  • Screen printing (ideal for solid colours, minimum quantity 100)
  • Single colour onto Silver or white printable surface
  • 4 colour Ink-jet
  • Lithographic ( multi colour, minimum quantity 500)

CD, DVD Duplication and Print

CD-R/DVD-R production is advisable for runs of up to 1000, thereafter we would recommend replication. However lead times for CD-R/DVD-R are considerably less than for the replication process and there may well be occasions when a quicker turn-a-round time is the deciding factor in choosing which option to go with.

Lead times for CD-R/DVD-R 4 to 5 working days

Express service is available for a small premium allowing a 2 to 3 day delivery.

CD, DVD Duplication and Print

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