Most Instagrammable Packaging Awards: Top 7

When it comes to creating a successful brand, the right retail packaging is incredibly important. With the ever-expanding influx of influencers and bloggers on Instagram; the market for products particularly in the beauty and fashion industry is super competitive, making it crucial that your product packaging stands out. 


Did you know? 


93% of customers are attracted to a product through visual appearance 

85% of consumers state they are directly influenced by the colour of a product

What Makes Packaging Insta-worthy?

We asked beauty and lifestyle blogger Jodie Melissa what she thinks makes a product or brand instagrammable.

“I think from an influencer’s perspective, people tend to reach for products with an aesthetic that is relevant to their Instagram feed theme, and also reflects their individual style. I personally think product packaging that tends to be popular on Instagram lately is sleek, modern and minimalist. A lot of the time less is more, and when packaging takes this approach it gives a more exclusive, luxurious feel. Some of my favourite brands that are often featured on my Instagram for these reasons is Glossier, Charlotte Tilbury and Jo Malone. I feel like their packaging is very high-end and chic.”

Here are 7 of the most instagrammable brands in the UK that have nailed their branding and  product packaging design in their own unique way.

Luxury Packaging: Charlotte Tilbury

Known and loved for their signature makeup looks and luxury packaging; UK-based beauty retailer Charlotte Tilbury has taken the makeup world by storm over the last 5 years. Their high end branding and stylish gold packaging reflects high end exclusivity while providing a luxurious feel. Thanks to this, they are appearing on influencers’ Instagram shots more and more with 727,904 hashtags.

Iconic Packaging: Bombay Sapphire

Simple, sleek and iconic; the famous blue Bombay Sapphire bottle is a signature staple often displayed behind any British bar. Whether this brand is keeping things classic with their original sapphire-blue bottle, or mixing it up with a limited edition release, their branding and packaging design is always on point and is instantly recognisable amongst competitors. 

The Bombay Sapphire Limited Edition English Estate gin boasts a beautiful watercolour design box and bottle. The box adds a more premium packaging feel, and the unique, limited edition design sparks consumer interest and was perfectly timed for the summer.

Personalised Packaging: Nutella

It’s everyone’s favourite breakfast treat, and it’s even more exciting when you can get your very own personalised jar. The ideal gift for every self-confessed Nutella addict, and the perfect packaging to include in an Instagram snap of your pancakes; the Nutella jar with your own name on it never gets old. Personalised packaging is the most instagram-worthy type of packaging, it attracts customers, increases sales and is often displayed across social media channels, particularly by millennials and generation Y.

Minimalist Packaging: OUAI

Everyone knows that millennials love minimalism. It’s seen in interior design trends, influencers Instagram feeds and in their fashion choices, and product design and packaging is no different. Minimalism is huge on Instagram, with many drawn towards buying products with simple and modern packaging to fit in with their decor and taste. Ouai is a haircare brand that states they are ‘a brand that looks dope enough to Instagram, but epic enough to actually get the job done?’ Their parisian-inspired products are simple, timeless and chic making them hugely popular with Instagram influencers.

Eco-Friendly Packaging: Tropic

Founded by inspirational apprentice runner-up Susie Ma, Tropic is an amazing all-natural beauty brand that provides eco-friendly products and packaging. All of the ingredients used are cruelty-free and vegan, and even their packaging is impressive; the designs of the packaging sleeves are created from gummed paper with vegetable glue and plant dyes instead of using traditional, non-recyclable or biodegradable materials. Their packaging is certainly pretty with a purpose and is a huge hit on Instagram with over 120,400 hashtags!

Clever Packaging: Cadburys

Chocolate connoisseurs Cadburys had a very clever marketing concept with their latest Dairy Milk campaign. Instead of changing the words on their renowned purple packaging, they simply left it blank removing all of the words on the front. This was after recent research showed that over 225,000 elderly people in the UK often go an entire week without speaking to anyone at all. They donated the words from the Dairy Milk wrappers with 30p per bar going to Age UK to help elderly that suffer from loneliness. Not only will this packaging grasp consumer’s attention, but it’s also for an incredible cause; simple yet effective! The campaign has also been seen across Instagram with influencers and reality stars working in collaboration with Cadburys to raise awareness.

Creative Packaging: Unicorn Cosmetics

Sometimes, packaging can be so eye-catching that it practically sells itself. With a high percentage of people being initially attracted to a product’s visual appearance, it’s no wonder companies worldwide are beginning to up their packaging game in order to increase their sales and attract more customers. In an industry as competitive as the beauty market, ensuring your products are unique and exciting is important if you wish to stand out. Unicorn Cosmetics do just that with their incredible unicorn and dragon lashes. With the dragon lash boxes boasting a holographic effect and the unicorn boxes looking like an actual unicorn; this packaging is seriously magic.