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Blister Pack and Blister Packaging

This type of packaging is particularly suited to the retail sector and provides an inexpensive product that is durable, transparent and highly versatile. Blister packs can be hanging or free standing and can be made from a range of materials including PVC, APET, or PETG depending upon the environmental requirements of the customer or country.

Rombus offer three main versions of blister pack:

Clamshell: Here the product and the printed card inlay are both encapsulated between two layers of plastic. Depending upon the client's application or budget the clamshell can be simply hand closed by the use of a cleverly designed closure mechanism or can be more securely heat sealed or high frequency welded.

Heat Sealed Blister: Here individually made blisters are heat sealed to the face of a printed card which is coated with a special heat seal blister varnish.

Sandwich Blister: This pack requires two pieces of card to be heat sealed together but only after trapping the flanges (outer edges) of the blister itself.

Depending upon the application and budget, Blister packs can be made entirely to order ensuring the pack specification and fit is ideally suited to the contents. If however you wish to save considerable time and cost in the creation of bespoke tooling required then you may opt for one of the many off the shelf standard blisters with cavities we hold. This is often the recommended route if your product is new to market, initial quantities are relatively small and you would prefer to test the market first.

Blister Pack and Blister Packaging

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